Rochester Christmas Dickensian Festival 1st/2nd December 2018

The band was once again delighted to be invited to perform at the annual Rochester Christmas Dickensian festival. However, that delight soon turned to dismay as the weather closed in on the Saturday with persistent rain and drizzle limiting our performance opportunities in an effort to save the music from ruin. The band did manage to complete all of its sets to the delight of the thinner than usual crowd. Fortunately, the weather cleared for the community carols at the end of the day and these were both well attended and well received.

Sunday, on the other hand, was a much nicer day and the band was able to perform its full programme to a large and enthusiastic crowd who joined in with both dancing and singing as the day progressed. The final community carols were again packed and the audience was in very good voice throughout.

Next up are the band’s 2nd and 3rd appearances at the Leeds Castle Christmas Market on Saturday 8th and Sunday 16th December

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