Musical Director : Keith Woodger

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Keith Woodger

Musical Director
  Keith’s love of music started in the Salvation Army as an eight year old when he was taught to play a brass instrument. Due to his father’s occupation Keith moved around Britain including stays in Wales and Scotland. Each time he changed areas and schools he had to play whatever instrument was available and spent some time studying all the instruments of the brass family.

He started training bands at the age of nineteen when he was in the RAF Music Service where he also studied the French Horn. After a period in the Royal Engineers Staff Band at Chatham he was employed as a peripatetic brass teacher for the Kent County Council education authority in the Swale area.

He later transferred to the Thanet area as the Head of the local music centre. After taking early retirement he continues to teach in schools in the east of the county.

For many years he was the senior tutor for the Kent Youth Wind Orchestra and taught at the Kent County Council Summer Music School courses for twenty-five years.

During his professional career Keith has played in all kinds of groups: jazz, orchestral, wind bands, brass bands and small brass ensembles. His main love is conducting and training brass bands and he has directed the BAE SYSTEMS band since 1988.

Keith’s place of worship is the Salvation Army’s church in Canterbury where he is involved with the band and trains and conducts the youth band.

Keith’s main aim in life is keeping music a live experience and promoting original music composed for brass bands.

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